Our Policy

Photograph or Video Image Policy

For the purpose of this policy, a photo is the capturing of any image/video recorded on any device.

  • Members and visitors are allowed to take general photographs of the club but must bear in mind the security of the club. Sharing on social media is not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Any photo containing a person, clothed or unclothed, must have the permission of all people in the photo. Where permission is granted, the photo must not be shared unless specific consent is given.

  • Photos of events for publication whether in the newsletter or not, should only be taken by nominated persons. Verbal consent will be taken at the time the photo is taken to give the opportunity to move out of the photo.

  • Photos for publication, i.e. articles for BN, club website etc, will be taken at organised photo shoots and photo consent forms will be signed by all.

  • Photos containing anyone under the age of 18 must not be taken under any circumstances unless written consent is obtained from the parent/legal guardian.

    If any of the above conditions are not met the image/photograph cannot be used and must be deleted from all cameras and recording devices on which they appear.