Apollo Sun  Club

Child and Vulnerable Adult Safeguarding Policy


This document sets out the policy of Apollo Sun Club for the safeguarding of all children and vulnerable adult members and visitors to  Apollo Sun Club.

All members and visitors are expected to adhere to this policy when interacting with children and vulnerable adults.

Apollo Sun Club has a Safeguarding Officer, however all club members and visitors have a duty to raise concerns of safeguarding to our safeguarding officer or a member of the committee immediately.

This policy is for young people under the age of 18, a vulnerable adult is anyone that is vulnerable by reason of emotional, physical, mental or learning disability, age, illness  and unable to protect themselves against abuse.

Issues relating to safeguarding will be dealt with professionally with no promise that any information is kept secret. It may require involving outside agencies such as Local Authority Designated Officer or the police, if it is considered further investigation is required.

The safeguarding officer may be required to pass on details of any members or visitors who are removed from the club for any offence against a child or a vulnerable adult to the Local Authority ,the Police or BN.


All members and visitors will be expected to behave in a manner that is acceptable , polite and respectful of other users of our club including children and vulnerable adults. No person should behave in a manner which causes offence in the use of language or act in a way that is considered as unacceptable to naturism.

All safeguarding officers will hold a current DBS certificate.


Code of conduct expected by members and visitors to our club:

Treat everyone with dignity and respect a person’s right to privacy

Set a good example to all members and visitors including children and vulnerable adults

Allow young people or vulnerable adults to talk openly about any concerns they have

Encourage others to challenge attitudes and behaviours they don’t like at the club.

Make everyone aware of  club safeguarding arrangements

Be sensitive when  helping someone  has raised a concern

Remember someone may mis-interpret your actions

All allegations must be taken seriously and referred to the safeguarding officer immediately

Do not let allegations or concerns about abuse go unreported.


Responding to an Allegation

Contact the safeguarding officer or a member of the committee immediately.

Write down and record as soon as possible date time, names and location of alleged abuse

Stay Calm and listen to what is said and don’t make a personal judgement.

Do not promise to keep secrets, explain that the information given may have to be shared with others

Do not rush, allow time for the alleged abused to talk at their own pace, do not offer your opinions or offer suggestions

Reassure the alleged abused that they have done the right thing in telling you

Inform them what will happen next and who you will share the information with.


All allegations will be taken seriously, and action taken. During an investigation, which may involve outside agencies, the alleged accused will suspended from the club pending an enquiry. All information regarding the allegation and investigation will be kept confidential from other club members unless  required as part of an investigation.

If allegation is proved without doubt to have taken place, the involved member(s) or visitor(s) will be expelled from Apollo Sun Club for life and details forwarded to BN.


Whistle blowing

All club members or visitors are encouraged to come forward if they witness inappropriate behaviour and will have the full cooperation of the Safeguarding Officer and Committee.


Designed with ideas from BN, NSPCC and Clubs within the naturist community. Thank you.         June 2019